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Federal Election Commission

 [From the NTIA - Aug 11, 2023]


REG 2023-02 (Artificial Intelligence in Campaign Ads) Draft Notification of AvailabilityThe Commission approved a Draft Notification of Availability in response to a Petition for Rulemaking filed by Public Citizen. The Petition asks the Commission to amend its regulation on the fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority to make it clear that the related statutory prohibition applies to deliberately deceptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) campaign advertisements. The Commission seeks written comment on the Petition. The Notification will be published in the Federal Register at a future date along with the deadline for comments.


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The FEC was created to promote confidence and participation in the democratic process. The mission of the FEC is to protect the integrity of the federal campaign finance process by providing transparency and fairly enforcing and administering federal campaign finance laws.

Draft Notification of Availability

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