Fall 2022 Research Group

The Fall 2022 CAIDP Research Group is comprised of 

  • Research Fellow, Law Fellow, and Externs (Research Assistant)
  • Teaching Fellows
  • Research Group Team Leaders
  • Research Group Members

Information about our extraordinary team is available below.


Marc Rotenberg

CAIDP President


Merve Hickok

CAIDP Research Director


Research Fellows, Law Fellow, and Externs (Research Assistants) - Fall 2022

Maison Bergeron (Research Assistant, Campbell Law)


Maison is a student at Campbell Law School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Maison holds a bachelor’s degree from Westfield State University, where she studied criminal justice and political science. Maison has researched United Nations policy regarding the regulation of AI systems, with a focus on lethal autonomous weapons. She published an article analyzing the emergence  of blockchain and smart contracts in the legal field and has continued independent research on AI ethics and regulations at the United Nations. She will spend the summer as an international contracts intern for the Research Triangle Institute in Durham, North Carolina.

  • Institutional focus: European Law Institute project on Guiding Principles and Model Rules on Algorithmic Contracts
  • Issue focus: Lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS)

Rick Cai (Law Fellow)



Rick Cai is a 2022 graduate from Georgetown University with a Technology Law and Policy LL.M. He also holds a bachelor's degree in law from China University of Political Science and Law. He is a Certified Information Privacy Professional both in Europe (CIPP/E) and the U.S. (CIPP/US). Rick has a strong interest in the intersection of technology, law, and policy with a particular focus on regulation and policy of AI and data privacy in the EU, China, and the U.S. 


  • Institution focus: Global Privacy Assembly
  • Issue focus: Fairness, Accuracy, Transparency
  • Region focus: East Asia


Lyantoniette Chua (Research Fellow, Philippines)


Lyantoniette Chua is a founding member of the Ethically Aligned Design Concentration of Power Committee under the IEEE SA that set global standards for autonomous/intelligent systems. She is a member of the Class of 2021 at the University of the Philippines Diliman, with a major in Philosophy. She is an independent technology ethics & governance consultant, mentor, and speaker –putting her background in the arts (philosophy) and sciences (computer engineering) full circle. Lyan is a facilitator for AGI Safety Fundamentals ran by Effective Altruism Cambridge, under the AI Governance track; and a WANBAM mentor for AI Ethics. She is also involved with the Mechanism Design for Social Good under the Algorithms, Law, and Policy Group, as well as the Policy and Free Speech Project. She is currently pursuing tech governance in the intersection of geopolitics, power asymmetries, and Global South risks. Lyantoniette has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification. Lyantionette has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction. and the CAIDP AI Policy - Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2022.

Xiaoli Jin (Research Assistant, Harvard Law School)


Xiaoli Jin is a J.D. candidate at Harvard Law School. She also holds a Computer Science degree from Middlebury College. Prior to law school, she worked in the field of algorithmic bias and data privacy, about which she’s deeply passionate. She is currently working on an algorithm that identifies emerging legal risks involving new technologies (check it out on Twitter or Instagram). In 2020, she co-founded the JURIST Digital Scholars Program, a research incubator that mentors interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of law and technology. In 2019, she published her first iOS app NewsElect, a news aggregator that seeks to mitigate political polarization by alternating liberal and conservative news coverage.

  • Issue focus: Algorithmic bias and data privacy, Smart contracts
  • Institution focus:
  • Region focus: North America

Peter Graham (Research Assistant, Duke Law)


Peter Graham is a student at Duke Law School passionate about privacy and harmonizing emerging technologies with democratic governance. Peter’s studies at Duke have focused on privacy, data governance, artificial intelligence, ethical technology, cybersecurity, and data breach response. Prior to law school, he worked as a litigation paralegal and a practice area coordinator for multinational law firms. Peter attended Boston College where he completed his B.A. in Political Science and International Studies. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Colombia. Peter is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US).


  • Institution focus: Office of Science and Technology Policy, Global Privacy Assembly
  • issue focus: AI Bill of Rights
  • Region focus: North America

Sandra Lattner (Research Assistant: University of Vienna)


Sandra Lattner is a PhD candidate and researcher at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna (Austria). Her research focuses on the role of policy regulation processes with a specific focus on the ethical aspects, child rights and digital literacy in the context of artificial intelligence and young people. 

Sandra Lattner completed her Master's and Bachelor's degree at the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna. In 2017/18 Sandra worked as a teaching assistant of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gottschlich at the Department of Communication for the lectures Media Theory, Media Ethic and Health Communication. After her Master's degree, she was involved in research projects for participation of young people and digital transformation.

  • Institution focus: European Institutions
  • Issue focus: AI and Children, Gender
  • Region focus: Europe

Somaieh Nikpoor (Research Fellow, Canada)


Somaieh Nikpoor is a lead for AI Strategy working for the Federal Government of Canada. She works at the intersection of AI, data, analytics and policy to help drive real, tangible results. She designs AI and analytics road maps based on organizational readiness and supports various policy initiatives on data and AI. Prior to her current role, Somaieh worked as a research advisor for AI and machine learning at Research and Innovation Unit residing at the Federal Government of Canada where she was experimenting with machine learning models to explore whether these models could be used to improve service delivery. She has more than 10 years of experience in conceptualizing business problems into analytics projects. Somaieh holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Ottawa. She is passionate about AI ethics and is currently collaborating with non-profit organizations and startups to curates and generates original content that will help others navigate through various AI ethics topics and concepts. Somaieh has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction. and the CAIDP AI Policy - Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2022.


Jiaqi Tan (Research Assistant, Georgetown Law)


Jiaqi Tan is a candidate for the LLM program at Georgetown University (received the Merit Scholar award).  After obtaining her Bachelor of Laws, she passed the Bar Examination in China.  As an intern, Jiaqi Tan worked for several American and Chinese law firms, as well as Chinese government agencies. In addition, she was a Research Assistant at Georgetown Law focusing on the comparison of international privacy laws.  In her university days, she published two papers about protecting personal information, organized two legal projects related to it, and received the National Scholarship. She has also volunteered in Sri Lanka and Huaihua to help women, children, and the elderly who have been mistreated.

  • Issue focus: Smart contracts
  • Institution focus: Global Privacy Assembly
  • Region focus: East Asia


Yingjian Xie (Research Assistant, Georgetown Law)


Yingjian Xie is an LL.M. candidate at Georgetown Law after obtaining a Bachelor of Laws in China. She is passionate about data privacy and AI development. While in law school, she conducted a research on data storage in an analysis of lawsuits that involved administrative bodies about how to avoid legal risks. She insists on improving research and writing skills with several internship experience in law firms related to capital market and litigation. Yingjian also passed national bar examination of China, securities and fund practice qualification examination. Her areas of interest in research are artificial intelligence ethics and policy. She makes an effort to learn more about data privacy and fintech laws in the hopes of improving the AI development.

  • Issue focus: Smart contracts
  • Institution focus: Global Privacy Assembly
  • Region focus: East Asia

Teaching Fellows - Fall 2022

Giuliano Borter, CAIDP Fellow (Region - Europe)


Giuliano Borter is a Swiss student at the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He researches issues of crisis and conflict management as well as international organizations with particular interests in international and European law, defense, security as well as technology policies and international relations. Giuliano has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction. and the CAIDP AI Policy - Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2021.

Larissa Zutter, CAIDP Fellow

(Region - Africa)


Larissa Zutter is a Swiss research fellow and board member at the Center for AI and Digital Policy. Previously, she has worked for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in the Fundraising, Programme Partnerships and Innovations Department as well as the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation.


She has a bachelors degree in Economics, Business and Political Science from the University of Basel. Her research in her bachelors degree focused on sustainability in investment management as well as European Union data protection policy. She is currently enrolled in a dual masters degree in International Security and International Political Economy at Sciences Po and the London School of Economics.  At Sciences Po she was chosen to be a student speaker and panelist for the Youth and Leaders Summit 2022 where she spoke on equality in cyberspace and AI fairness. Larissa has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction. and the CAIDP AI Policy - Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2021.

Research Group, Team Leaders - Fall 2022

Research Group, Team Members - Fall 2022