CAIDP Externships


CAIDP provides the opportunity for full-time students in law, computer science, or public policy to work with the Center during the Semester for academic credit or during the summer. Typical externships include intensive work in AI policy research and analysis, as well as the opportunity to connect with experts and leaders in the AI policy field. CAIDP externs have participated in meetings with Members of the European Parliament, and drafted AI policy recommendations for the Council on Foreign  Relations, the European Law Institute, the Global Partnership on AI, the Global Privacy Assembly, the US Office of Science and Technology Policy, and others.


CAIDP has partnered with Campbell Law School, Duke Law School, Georgetown Law, Harvard Law SchoolStanford Law School, and TU Wien for externship opportunities. We welcome other partnerships. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, a CV, and a relevant writing sample to Marc Rotenberg. Institutions may also contact Marc for further information about the program. Listings in Externship Directories are appreciated. Externships may be conducted remotely or at the CAIDP offices in Washington, DC.


[CAIDP Extern Program Participants]


Current Projects

Externs are currently providing research and analysis for AI policy work for these CAIDP partner organizations:

  • Council of Europe Committee on AI
  • European Law Institute Advisory Committee on Smart Contracts
  • Global Partnership on AI
  • Global Privacy Assembly
  • US Office of Science and Technology Policy

Past projects

Externs completed research and analysis for these CAIDP partner organizations:

  • Statement to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dec. 9, 2022 (L. Chua, S. Lattner, S. Nikpoor, and J. Tan)
  • Statement to the EU-US Trade and Technology Council, Dec. 3, 2022 (Z. Cai, L. Fernandez, and Y. Xie)
  • Statement to the National AI Advisory Committee, Oct. 28, 2022 (M. Bergeron)
  • Statement to the National AI Advisory Committee, Oct. 4, 2022 (M. Bergeron and S. Nikpoor)
  • European Law Institute, Principles on Smart Contracts, Block Chain, and Consumer Protection (M. Bergeron and X. Jin)
  • Office of Science and Technology Policy, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (M. Bergeron and S. Lattner)
  • ABA Rule of Law Initiative, Presentation preparation on AI and Democratic Values (S. Wu)
  • ACM, Review of AI Policy Instruments with Provisions on Transparency and Accountability (J. Seamonds)
  • Council of Europe, CAHAI expert group, Comments on Proposed Elements on Tranversal Legal Instrument on AI (A. Blackshear)
  • Council on Foreign Relations, Educational Modules on AI (R. Stockton)
  • Global Partnership on AI, Review of Project Proposal on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (C. Garribotti)
  • Global Privacy Assembly, Identification of leading experts on AI Policy (C. Garribotti)
  • European Law Institute, Guiding Principles for Automated Decision-Making in the EU (S. Wu)
  • G7, Comments on AI and Digital Policy (R. Ray)
  • OECD, Comments on AI Classification Scheme (R. Stockton)
  • Office of Management and Budget, Comments to establish federal regulations for regulation of AI systems (A. Gweon)
  • Office of Science and Technology Policy, Petition in support of the AI Bill of Rights (J. Seamands)

The Law of Artificial Intelligence (2023)

CAIDP externs are also conducting research for Rotenberg, et al, The Law of Artificial Intelligence, the first US casebook on AI law. The manuscript will be completed in late 2022 and the book will be available in Spring 2023.

Georgetown Law School students Isabela Parisio, Christabel Randolph and Afnan Aldakhi, with CAIDP Chair Merve Hickok at the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, following a hearing on "Advances in AI: Are We Ready For a Tech Revolution?' Washington DC. March 2023.

Stanford Law School student August Gweon participating in meeting with members of the European Parliament Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age. Washingon, DC. November 2021.

Stanford Law School student Jessica Seamands partipating in meeting with members of the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs ("LIBE"). Washington, DC. May 2022.

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