Our Mission


The Center for AI and Digital Policy aims to ensure that artificial intelligence and digital policies promote a better society, more fair, more just, and more accountable – a world where technology promotes broad social inclusion based on fundamental rights, democratic institutions, and the rule of law.


As an independent non-profit research organization,  the Center for AI and Digital Policy assesses national AI policies and practices, trains AI policy leaders, and promotes democratic values for AI.


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CAIDP has earned a 2023 Candid Platinum Seal of Transparency. Fewer than one percent of registered non-profits are recognized with a Candid Platinum Seal.

CAIDP has earned a 2022 Candid Gold Seal of Transparency. 

Leadership - Board of Directors

Board Members

  • Merve Hickok, President
  • Lorraine Kisselburgh, Chair
  • Karine Caunes, Secretary 
  • Pablo Molina, Treasurer 
  • Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director
  • Doaa Abu-Alyounes
  • Ivan Fong
  • Len Kennedy
  • Ursula Pachl
  • Cristos Velasco
  • Larissa Zutter

Former Board Members

  • Wonki Min (2021-2023)


  • Selim Alan, Communication Director
  • Giuliano Borter, Teaching Fellow
  • Karine Caunes, Global Program Director
  • Lyan Chua, Research Fellow
  • Merve Hickok, Senior Research Director
  • Lorraine Kisselburgh, Instructor
  • Mélissa M'Raidi, CAIDP Conversations Coordinator
  • Somaieh Nikpoor, Research Fellow
  • Christabel Randolph, Law Fellow
  • Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director
  • Dr. Grace Thomson, Research Fellow
  • Larissa Zutter, Teaching Fellow


Marc Rotenberg and Governor Michael Dukakis, Harvard Faculty Club, 2019
Marc Rotenberg and Governor Michael Dukakis, Harvard Faculty Club, 2019

The Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) began in June 2020 as a project of the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation. The CAIDP is now incorporated in Washington, DC as a non-profit organization with an independent board of directors.


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  • Advises national governments and international organizations on AI policies and practices
  • Trains the next generation of AI policy leaders
  • Promotes the Global Academic Network
  • Publishes commentaries on AI policy
  • Updates and publishes annually Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values
  • Publishes weekly the CAIDP Update
  • Supports AI initiatives, projects, and campaigns that safeguard rule of law, democratic institutions, and fundamental rights
  • Organizes educational events with AI policy experts


  • Promote the Universal Guidelines for AI (2018)
  • Monitor implementation of the OECD AI Principles / G20 AI Guidelines (2019) , the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI (2021), and the US Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (2022)
  • Support the establishment of new legal frameworks for AI, including the EU AI Act and the Council of Europe Convention on AI


The Center for AI and Digital Policy welcomes contributions from individual donors and charitable foundations. The CAIDP is a non-profit, charitable organization, incorporated in Washington, DC (EIN: 86-3350258). CAIDP received a 501(c)(3) status on December 20, 2021.

Donors Include

  • Addison Fischer, President, Planet Heritage
  • Fund for Constitutional Government
  • Greater Washington Charitable Foundation
  • Professor Oscar Gandy
  • Professor Douglas Hofstatder
  • Joi Ito
  • Len Kennedy
  • The Leah Foundation
  • Alastair Mactaggart, President, Californians for Consumer Privacy
  • Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
  • Craig Newmark Philanthropies
  • Harriet and Stephen Pearson Charitable Fund
  • Estate of Charles S. Rotenberg
  • David Stern, President, Equal Justice Works
  • Anonymous