Spring 2023 Research Group

The Fall 2023 CAIDP Team is comprised of 

  • The Legal Group - Law Fellows and Law Clerks
  • The Policy Group - Policy Group Team Leaders, Policy Group Fellows
  • The Research Group - Teaching Fellows, Research Group Team Leaders, and Research Group Members

Information about our extraordinary team is available below.


Marc Rotenberg

CAIDP Executive Director


Merve Hickok

CAIDP Research Director


Karine Caunes

CAIDP Global Program Director;

Editor in Chief, Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values


About the Fall 2023 Research Group

  • More than 162 participants
  • 61 countries represented
  • Regions Represented Africa (47), Asia (49), Europe (35), Latin America (14), North America (17) 
  • 18 CAIDP AI policy graduates returned as AI policy Team Leaders

Legal Group - Fall 2023

Legal Group Coordinator

Christabel Randolph (Bangladesh, Georgetown Law)


Christabel is a Merit Scholar at the Technology Law & Policy LL.M at Georgetown Law. An Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, she has experience working across South-Asia and the Middle-East with multinational corporations, the WHO, IDLO and in private practice. She also completed a masters in law & economics as an Erasmus Mundus scholar. Christabel commits time as General Secretary of Vattara Hope Foundation, a non-profit that runs the School of Hope (founded in 1990) for slum children in Dhaka and Executive Member, Board of Trustees of World Concern Bangladesh operating micro-finance for ultra-poor in Bangladesh.



Law Fellows

  • Madeline Matsui, Harvard Law School
  • Sarah Raza, Harvard Law School
  • Brianne G. Rodriguez, George Washington University Law School

Law Clerks

  • Esther Tetruashvily, Georgetown University Law Center

Policy Group - Fall 2023

Teaching Fellows - Fall 2023

Giuliano Borter, CAIDP Teaching Fellow


Giuliano Borter is a Swiss research and teaching fellow working as a military strategic and political affairs advisor for the Swiss government. He holds a master degree in European Global Studies from the University of Basel. His research focuses on international organizations, crisis and conflict studies, defense matters and security policy with a special emphasis on autonomous weapon systems. Giuliano has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction and the CAIDP AI Policy Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2021. 


Lyantoniette Chua (Teaching Fellow)


Lyantoniette Chua is a founding member of the Ethically Aligned Design Concentration of Power Committee under the IEEE SA that set global standards for autonomous/intelligent systems. She is a member of the Class of 2021 at the University of the Philippines Diliman, with a major in Philosophy. She is an independent technology ethics & governance consultant, mentor, and speaker –putting her background in the arts (philosophy) and sciences (computer engineering) full circle. Lyan is a facilitator for AGI Safety Fundamentals ran by Effective Altruism Cambridge, under the AI Governance track; and a WANBAM mentor for AI Ethics. She is also involved with the Mechanism Design for Social Good under the Algorithms, Law, and Policy Group, as well as the Policy and Free Speech Project. She is currently pursuing tech governance in the intersection of geopolitics, power asymmetries, and Global South risks. Lyantoniette has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification. Lyantionette has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction. and the CAIDP AI Policy - Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2022.

Larissa Zutter, CAIDP Teaching Fellow


Larissa Zutter is a Swiss research fellow and board member at the Center for AI and Digital Policy. Previously, she has worked for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in the Fundraising, Programme Partnerships and Innovations Department as well as the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation.


She has a bachelors degree in Economics, Business and Political Science from the University of Basel. Her research in her bachelors degree focused on sustainability in investment management as well as European Union data protection policy. She is currently enrolled in a dual masters degree in International Security and International Political Economy at Sciences Po and the London School of Economics.  At Sciences Po she was chosen to be a student speaker and panelist for the Youth and Leaders Summit 2022 where she spoke on equality in cyberspace and AI fairness. Larissa has received the CAIDP AI Policy certification with distinction. and the CAIDP AI Policy - Advanced certification with distinction, and was named a CAIDP Fellow in 2021.

Dr. Grace Thomson (United Arab Emirates)


Dr. Thomson is the Academic Director at CERT, the corporate arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT). She leads expert teams in the conceptualization and operation of two academies: AI Academy and the VAT Academy. The AI Academy, created in 2019, is an initiative to empower UAE talent and bridge the gap in AI talent and AI knowledge, through national programs in cognitive technology skills for ethical AI adoption. 

CERT is a member of the UAE AI Network, an initiative of the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence to increase AI adoption with a human-centered approach. Dr. Thomson’s solid ability to engage internal and external stakeholders in strategic triple-helix roadmaps is the driver behind the plans of CERT to develop occupational standards in Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Engineering, AI, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain for the workforce of the future. She leads strategies for the creation of Talent Acceleration models that, relying on principles of human development and technology development, ethically use ML models and analytics in career pathway formulation and employability. In cooperation with CERT’s partners, she leads the creation of research ecosystem platforms to connect faculty-student researchers to applied projects with industry.


Research Group, Team Leaders - Fall 2023

Research Group, Team Members - Fall 2023