Universal Guidelines for AI - Agenda


The Universal Guidelines (2018) for AI After 5 Years 

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Time: 09:00 am - 11:00 am EDT

Hybrid Event at: 1100 13th St NW. Suite 800. Washington, DC 20005


09:00 am

Introductory Remarks, Marc Rotenberg 


09:15 am

“Fireside” Chat: Influence of UGAI on AI Governance Frameworks 

with Wonki Min

Interviewed by: Dr. Grace Thomson


09:30 am


Paper Presentations: The Future of UGAI 

Awarded papers selected from global researchers

Moderated by: Caroline Friedman Levy,


Niharika Gujela and Jens Meijen, The Public Good Obligation: Updating the UGAI for AI’s environmental and informational risks


Cornelia Evers,  Answering to the prompt:  Implementation of the Universal Guidelines on AI 


Brian Zhou and Arik Karim (with assistance from Gia Mendonca, Natalie Zhang, Karen Shah, Hanming Sun, Aileen Wu), Updating the Universal Guidelines on AI in the World of Generative AI


Heramb Podar, UGAI and the Ignored X-Factor: UGAI’s Blind Spot on AI’s Existential Risks and How We Can Cover It


Claudio Mutua, Kenya Should Use UGAI as the Basis for Its AI Policy and Legislation (scoring tied for runner-up)



Abhishek Gupta, Bridging the Action-Intention Gap in the Universal Guidelines on AI (unable to attend)



Celebration of Five Years of UGAI, Video Presentation

Video produced by Evelina Ayrapetyan  


10:15 am

“Fireside” Chat: Origins of UGAI with Lorraine Kisselburgh


Interviewed by: Merve Hickok


10:45 am

In celebration of the Universal Guidelines, Paul Nemitz


10:50 am

Closing Remarks, Marc Rotenberg