Universal Guidelines for AI - Papers


CALL FOR PAPERS: Fifth Anniversary of the Universal Guidelines for AI (2018-2023)

We invite submissions addressing:

  • Articulation of the Universal Guidelines
  • Significance of the Universal Guidelines
  • Implementation of the Universal Guidelines
  • New issues: what do the Universal Guidelines miss?

Format: Maximum of 2,000 words

Citations: Standard format.

Extended Deadline: September 30, 2023 (revised)

Notification: October 2, 2023

Event: October 5, 2023 Submission Email: ugai@caidp.org

Prizes: 1st Place: ($1,000), 2nd Place: ($500), 3rd Place: ($250)


  • Relationship of Paper Topic to UGAI (articulation of the Universal Guidelines; significance of the Universal Guidelines; implementation of the Universal Guidelines; or new issues:  what do the Universal Guidelines miss? (25%)
  • Organization and clarity of argument (how clearly and persuasively the main argument was presented) (25%)
  • Quality of research and authority of citations (considering the depth of research presented and credibility of sources cited) (25%)
  • Originality (rated on paper's uniqueness and novel contribution to the field) (25%)


  • Merve Hickok
  • Christabel Randolph
  • Marc Rotenberg
  • Caroline Friedman Levy (coordinator)