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March 30, 2023, 10:00 am EST / 17:00 CET




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 CAIDP Conversations: More than a Glitch with Professor Meredith Broussard




When technology reinforces inequality, it's not just a glitch—it's a signal that we need to redesign our systems to create a more equitable world. The word “glitch” implies an incidental error, as easy to patch up as it is to identify. But what if racism, sexism, and ableism aren't just bugs in mostly functional machinery—what if they're coded into the system itself?'


CAIDP Research Director Merve Hickok will discuss with Professor Meredith Broussard her new book, and how neutrality in tech is a myth and why algorithms need to be held accountable. Conversations will also cover public interest technology and the consequences of unaccountable algorithmic systems embedded in public services.




Meredith Broussard, Associate Professor

Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University


Meredith Broussard is an associate professor at New York University. Her books include More Than a Glitch: Confronting Race, Gender, and Ability Bias in Tech, and Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World. She appears in the Emmy-nominated documentary “Coded Bias” on Netflix. Professor Broussard is a CAIDP Global Academic Network member.


Merve Hickok, Chair and Research Director

Center for AI and Digital Policy


 Merve Hickok is the Chair and Research Director at Center for AI and Digital Policy. She is also the founder of AIethicist.org and is a social researcher, trainer, and consultant, with work intersecting AI ethics, policy and regulation. She focuses on AI bias, impact of AI systems on fundamental rights, democratic values, and social justice. Merve is also Data Ethics Lecturer at University of Michigan.