CAIDP Statements

The Center for AI and Digital Policy provides recommendations to national governments and international organizations in response to requests for comments and also in situations where the Center believes it is important to highlight important AI policy issues.


The Center provided comments on AI policy to the following national governments and international organizations:

  • The US National Security Commission on AI
  • The European Parliament
  • The G20
  • The US Congress
  • The Government of Colombia
  • The African Commission on People and Humans Rights
  • The European Commission
  • The Organization of American States
  • The OECD
  • The European Commission
  • The C20
  • The EU-US Trade and Technology Council
  • The US AI Task Force
  • US Office of Management and Budget
  • UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Council of Europe, Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence
  • The State Internet Infomation Office of China
  • The US Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Center also expressed support for the following initiatives:

  • The ReclaimYourFace Campaign
  • The Athens Roundtable AI Manifesto

The Center has also published a statement concerning Ukraine.



CAIDP Statement on OAS Updated Principles on Privacy and Personal Data Protection (May 10, 2021) [in English] [in Spanish]

CAIDP Statement to African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights regarding Resolution 473 (Apr. 5, 2021)

CAIDP Statement to Government of Colombia on Intersectoral Commission for AI (April 5, 2021) [in English] [in Spanish]

CAIDP Statement to House Armed Services Committee regarding US AI Policy (Mar. 25, 2021)


CAIDP Statement to G20 Digital Economy Task Force (Mar. 17, 2021)

CAIDP Statement on "External Dimensions of AI" for European Parliament (Mar. 1, 2021). 

CAIDP Statement on draft, final report of US National Security Commission on AI (Feb. 26, 2021). 


CAIDP Statement on Ukraine (March 1, 2022)

(33 countries and Hong Kong as of March 4, 2022)


[Open for endorsement]

CAIDP Statement in support of European Citizen Initiative to Ban Biometric Mass Surveillance (Mar. 3, 2021)

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