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Oct 13, 2022, *11:00 am* EDT / 17:00 CET




CAIDP Conversations: Len Kennedy with Liza Lin & Josh Chin




China's Communist Party is building a new kind of political control through collecting and harnessing personal data, from facial recognition to personal genomes to digital footprints, through AI and other forms of surveillance.



In "Surveillance State: Inside China's Quest to Launch a New Era of Social Control", award-winning Wall Street Journal journalists Josh Chin and Liza Lin document with startling detail how the CCP is creating a political model that shapes the will of the people not through the ballot box but through the sophisticated harnessing of data.




Len Kennedy

Moderator & Tech Policy Advisor @theCAIDP



Mr. Kennedy is an Adjunct Professor at Cornell Law School in cybersecurity and privacy. He also serves as a board member, and advisor on business, technology, cybersecurity and regulatory matters. He has previously served as General Counsel of Sprint, Neustar and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and as Senior Legal Advisor to FCC Commissioners. He is the author of "Society's New Frontier -Cybersecurity, Privacy and Online Expression". Mr. Kennedy serves on the Board of Directors of CAIDP.


Liza Lin

Author & Reporter @Wall Street Journal


Liza Lin covers Asia technology news for the Wall Street Journal, focusing mostly on China and the internet. She was a former China correspondent based in Shanghai and covered topics ranging from venture capital to A.I. Before that, she worked for Bloomberg News in Singapore and China. Liza was part of a team at the Journal to be named Pulitzer Finalists for the International Reporting category in 2021 for their coverage of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and together with other Journal reporters, won the Gerald Loeb Award for International Reporting in 2018 for a series of stories on China's Surveillance state.


Josh Chin

Author & Reporter @Wall Street Journal


Josh Chin is deputy bureau chief responsible for politics and general news in The Wall Street Journal's China bureau. Prior to his current role, Josh spent six years as a politics reporter in China covering law, civil society, and government use of technology. He is a recipient of the Dan Bolles Medal and led an investigative team that won the Gerald Loeb Award for international reporting in 2018. He is the co-author, with Journal reporter Liza Lin, of "Surveillance State: Inside China’s Quest to Launch a New Era of Social Control" (2022, St. Martin’s Press).