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Monday, 10 April 2023

 09.00 EST / 15.00 CET


Updated AI Index Ranks Policies and Practices in 75 Countries - Canada, Japan, Korea, and Colombia Rank at Top, 




- UNESCO AI Recommendation Implementation Begins

- US Puts Forward AI Bill of Rights

- Finish line Approached for EU AI Act

- Africa Union Sets Out Data Policy Framework

- China Advances Regulation for Data Protection, AI, and Deep Fakes

- Work on First Global AI Treaty at Council of Europe Continues

- Ukraine War Renews Focus on Autonomous Weapons

- Municipalities Establish AI Registries

- NGOs and Academics Lead AI Policy Reform Events

- Opposition to Facial Surveillance Remains

- Generative AI is Emerging AI Policy Issue


In 2020, the Center for AI and Digital Policy published the first worldwide assessment of AI policies and practices. Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values rated and ranked 30 countries, based on a rigorous methodology and 12 metrics established to assess alignment with democratic values.


The 2021 AI Index expands the global coverage from 30 countries to 50 countries, acknowledges the significance of the UNESCO Recommendation on AI ethics, and reviews earlier country ratings. The 2021 report is the result of the work of more than 100 AI policy experts in almost 40 countries.


The 2022 AI Index covers 75 countries. The metrics have been updated to take into consideration the implementation of the 2021 UNESCO Recommendation on AI Ethics as well as the 2022 Global Privacy Assembly Resolution on Facial Recognition. Country reports headings have been harmonized to ease reference and comparative analysis. Relevant regional frameworks have been systematically taken into account in the country reports.The 2022 report is the result of the work of more than 200 AI policy experts in almost 60 countries.


AI Index - Country Ratings

Panel Discussion

The 2022 AI and Democratic Values Index, moderator: Dr. Karine Caunes, AIDV Editor-in-chief


Marina Garrote, Data Privacy Brazil (Brazil)

Darren Grayson Chng, Singapore Data Protection Commission, CAIDP Alumnus (Singapore)

Lyantoniette Chua, CAIDP Teaching Fellow (Philippines)

Professor Renee Cummings, University of Virginia, CAIDP Global Academic Network (Trinidad and Tobago/US)

Somaieh Nikpoor, CAIDP Research Fellow (Canada)

Professor Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem, University of Pretoria, CAIDP Global Academic Network (South Africa)

Nidhi Sinha, CAIDP Research Fellow (USA)

Takaya Terakawa, Technica Zen, CAIDP Alumnus (Japan)

Dr. Grace Thomson, CAIDP Research Fellow (UAE)

AI Index - 2022 v. 2021 v. 2020

The Report


[Maps, based on the country evaluations for individual metrics,  are available here]


"CAIDP's flagship report provides insightful information how the AI principles are translated into practice across 75 countries."


- Wonki Min, SUNY Korea


"It is a great exercise of comparative digital law in action, providing a comprehensive perspective on the evolution of AI policy also contributing to underline the constitutional relationship between AI & democracy. Digital Democracy and rule of law in the digital context  will be the real challenges for the next decade."


- Professor Oreste Pollicino

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