Universal Guidelines for AI - Messages


As a youth researcher on AI governance and on behalf of the Student Political Research Initiative for New Governance (SPRING) Institute, we firmly support the Universal Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence to prosper and protect the development and deployment of AI technologies. We seek addendums to the UGAI to be more inclusive of youth voices for an increasingly AI-ubiquitous society.

- Arik Karim (United States)


I endorse the UGAI in my capacity as a Privacy Manager and AI Policy Researcher. The Guidelines form vital framework and baseline that countries should use in shaping AI Policies and Guidelines.

- Cynthia Chepkemoi (Kenya)


The UGAI is a wonderful initiative that I, as a CAIDP "alumnus", wholeheartedly support. Keep up the good work!

- Jens Meijen (Belgium)


On behalf of AI & Partners, it is a pleasure to endorse your guidelines. They serve as key insights for an industry in need of robust safeguards.

- Michael Borrelli (United Kingdom)


I completely endorse the Universal Guidelines for AI as they align with my vision of a digital future that is safe, secure, accountable and transparent

- Ruby (India)


Thank you for opening the declaration for signature again. It is concise and to the point. I work on ethical certification and standardization of AI applications and in my argumentation very often come back to declarations such as this one.

- Dr. Julia Maria Mönig (Germany)


To ensure the survival of democracy and the protection of human rights, it is important to ensure ethical application and regulation of AI. The Universal Guidelines for AI are the first step in this direction.

- Claudio Ndeleva Mutua (Kenya)


 I sign this declaration in the trust that it’s recommendations are internalised by all those with influence, power and ability over the wise stewardship of Ai.

- Adam Nosal (Scotland)


As a faculty member responsible for shepherding future generations of communicators, I am quite concerned about ethics and transparency in AI.

-  Lisa DuBois Low (United States)