Post-Graduate Fellowships

Beginning in the Fall 2023, CAIDP will welcome post-graduate fellows to our offices in Washington, DC. Our Fellows will have the unique opportunity to participate in public interest litigation in support of Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values. As we grow our program, we anticipate a robust docket that will include:

  • Open government requests (Freedom of Information Act)
  • Comments to federal agencies (Administrative Procedures Act)
  • Amicus briefs for federal and state courts (statutory and Constitutional law)
  • Comments to international organizations (international law)
  • Intervenor briefs for the European Court of Human Rights (European Convention on Human Rights) and possibly the Court of Justice of the European Union (EU law, GDPR, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights)

If you are selected as a CAIDP Fellow, we will help you find funding from your law school or one of the many foundations that support public interest litigation.


We are looking for law school students with a strong interest in AI law and policy, who write well, and are eager to help shape this new field of law. About you:

  • You are fascinated by the intersection of law and technology, and particularly artificial intelligence and democratic values
  • You are passionate about research, enjoy writing, and want to pursue cutting-edge legal issues
  • You communicate clearly and effectively
  • You work well with others, meet deadlines, and set high standards
  • You can manage a fast-paced environments where priorities change
  • You want to see concrete results from the work you do
  • You value diversity and inclusion

Funding Sources

If you are interested in pursing a summer or post-graduate Fellowship with CAIDP, there are many funding sources. Your law school public interest career office is a good place to start.  Many law schools have Public Interest Law Foundations that provide funding for summer internships and post-graduate fellowships.

The American Bar Foundation provides an extensive list of funding resources for Summer Fellowships, for most US law schools.

Equal Justice Works creates opportunities  for lawyers to transform their passion for equal justice into a lifelong commitment to public service.

An Equal Justice Works Fellowship is an opportunity to transform your passion for equal justice into a career. This opportunity starts with your Fellowship and often extends into a lifelong commitment to public service.

Applications for the Class of 2023 are now open! Learn more about pursuing a project of your own creation and apply by September 13. Learn more.

The John Paul Stevens Foundation is dedicated to promoting public interest and social justice values in the next generation of American lawyers. Through the Justice John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellowship Program, the Foundation supports law students who spend the summer working in public interest law internships. The Fellowship Program reflects Justice Stevens’s deep belief that a dynamic and effective justice system depends on a cadre of trained and committed lawyers doing public interest work.


If you are interested in applying for a CAIDP Summer or Post-graduate Fellowship, please send a letter of interest, a CV, and a writing sample to Your letter of interest should detail your interest in the CAIDP Law Fellowship and also how this opportunity will shape your legal career. Please note that it will be your responsibility to locate funding for your fellowship, but if you are accepted, we will work with you to obtain support.

CAIDP Washington DC Office - OpenGovHub (1100 13th St., NW)

The Law of Artificial Intelligence (2023)

We anticipate that our Fellows will build on the case law in Rotenberg, et al, The Law of Artificial Intelligence (2023). Matters successfully litigated may be incorporated in future editions of the casebbook.